Awards Gala on Thursday, July 23rd

Thank you so much for being part if the SITA Couture Compassion & Creativity Contest. Nearly 50 amazing videos were submitted and have been sent to our judges.

And the winner is...

Join me at our Awards Gala on Thursday, July 23rd, 6-7 pm pt as we count down the top 10 videos till the winner!

We'll announce the winners live on @SITACouture FB and IG live. links here:FaceBook  IG: Instagram

Bring some Champaign because this will be a party - Sita Style!

We’ll have an event Emcee, special guests, and more!

Many of our judges work in Hollywood on film festivals, and we’ll be sharing their professional commentary on how they reached their decisionS. Super cool!.

Thank you to all who played!  I'm blessed and filled with gratitude for having you in my life.

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