MAKELA My Fav throw-on-and-go Piece!


Have you ever had a day when you were not in a mood for dressing up and all you wanted was a piece of clothing that you could just put on and feel beautiful? I have these days on a regular basis and I want to share one style that has helped me with this, SITA's Makela cardigan (sustainable cardigan, also worn as a poncho)  If you are like me, a lover of simple functional style, a traveler, journeywoman and all about comfort - you’re gonna love this piece!

The moment I put it on I had this feeling that I was almost wearing nothing, but when I looked at myself in the mirror I was like “wow… I look stunning!” These styles actually help change my frumpy mood by allowing to “feel the. frump without looking like dump.” 

It amazes me how I feel so comfortable in this style but looks elegant at the same time. When I wear this piece it looks like I’m ready to go to a party, to work or any special occasion because that outfit just “looks right”. I feel like it was made for me.


A little secret I learned about Makela is that its worn numerous ways! At first try, you’re either putting it on as a cardigan or as a poncho. Unless you’re told or read this blog, you might now know that it’s worn in other ways. I’m here to let you know that if you’re wearing it as a cardigan then all you do is pull either one of the sleeves over your head (keep the other sleeve on your arm), and it turns into a poncho!  Yes, abracadabra! And the poncho look is completely different. You could literally wear it one day over a tankini or dress as a cardigan and the next day as a poncho and nobody would know it was the same piece. I love this! The fabrication of this style is 93% Beechwood Modal and 7% Spandex, which makes it even more comfortable, breathable and soft. I am pretty sure I found my day-to-day partner. The Makela poncho/cardigan is the perfect all-season layer and suits any occasion. This sustainable cardigan piece is most definitely my go-to piece and worth a try.

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