SEA SPA - Earth Mermaid Home!

June 19, 2020

Earth MermaidSEA SPA boat harbor,  a premier San Diego Spa Resort. Loews Coronado has an awesome blend of locally populated guests while also being a destination staycation for spa resort aficionados around the world. The Lowes brand is consistent with being stunning and luxe while also very centrally located therefor very attainable. Luxury at our fingertips!

Slide into a plush robe and relaxation sandals and prepare for a calming sea spa experience. The rich, abundant ocean is a constant inspiration and the source of many of their signature treatments, therapies, and products.  Their lineup of luxurious treatments includes island-inspired body wraps, tropical sea stone massages, energizing facials and even a relaxing Vichy Rain Shower (which I loved!!).

Our  Earth Mermaid collection brought us together over four and a 1/2 years ago and they order the same collection bimonthly. Since Sea Spa Resort is located where the boats dock, it makes good sense that all of the ladies coming in are going to relate to the Earth Mermaid collection! Recently they finally brought in a new style, the Lucy hoodie, and our Infinity scarf  which was co-designed by one of their spa leads, Celeste Yes, our Celeste Infinity scarf is named after Celeste, the spa head of Sea Spa Loews!!

This property is the perfect fit for all of those sailors out there in San Diego. They dock their boats at Loews and get to come in and enjoy wonderful spa treatments, great shopping, and if lucky,  catch one of Celeste's meditation yoga classes at the end of the day or early morning. Nothing short of pure bliss!

It's always a great experience hanging out with these ladies and experiencing their beautiful spa!

My greatest joy is when I hear Celeste on the other end of the phone telling me how excited she is to dress and make all of her customers and clients feel amazing. She is so passionate about her students and clients. I love that about this property. The attention to detail and personal touch is truly noteworthy. They are passionate about giving their guests a beautiful experience and I'm honored to be a part of this process.

Being right there on the water, you know that the food at this location, the seafood at this location is off the charts. And the beautiful little town of Coronado Island is just hopping with excitement and sea-fun activity.

Because of all this and so much more, Sea Spa Coronado Island is one of our top 5 staycation destination locations!

If you make it that way, make sure to say hello to Celeste and let her know you want to check out her Celeste Infinity Scarf! And don't miss her yoga on the dock. Definitely something to experience and enjoy.

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