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Red Earth Ovens creates a space to work with mother earth’s gifts.
Meet my brother Adam Uribe

Some of you may have seen him speak at the opening of the Spa Peeps Wellness event in Oceanside earlier this year.

He puts the same love and craftsmanship into building his sustainable systems as he does into his ceremonies and blessings.

Adam is a master tipi builder (from the hemp canvas, to the poles to the final assembly). He's also an adobe and red earth clay expert.

The building composition he's been most passionate about in the past decade is aircrete. He frequently works with all modalities to help individuals and wellness centers create sacred sanctuaries. It's wonderful to see how he is quickly becoming a leader in aircrete building.

Cooking benefits of Red Earth Ovens

What is aircrete?

Aircrete is a unique composition of foam and cement. It offers more benefits than traditional concrete with added properties that enhance sustainable and energy-efficient structures. Magnesium oxide is a non-fire, white ceramic that is EMF proof, radiation proof, rust proof, allergy free, mold free and fireproof up to 2000 degrees. In short it creates mineral building breathing walls.

We're sharing this blog with you because SITA Couture serves a highly activated sustainable tribe. Our community consists of proactive individuals in spa, wellness, sustainability and the healing arts... individuals whose lives are about learning, understanding and practicing the best ways to live with each other and love our planet.

I am happy that my brother has committed his life to this and is now teaching it to others.

If you are an individual or healing/wellness center looking to learn how to build a sustainable structure: spa/sauna, pizza oven, home or sacred sanctuary, and you're interested in this modality, then this workshop is for you.

This fall Adams company Red Earth Ovens, (in association with the Red Earth Movement), is offering a 9 day Aircrete Camp in North County, California We will be building a uniquely shaped parabola arch structure made with aircrete.

Come learn and experience with a talented group of like minded people!

Aircrete Camp

In this nine day intensive Aircrete workshop, the following will be demonstrated on-site and applied to create the Arched Aircrete Structure.

What to expect:

  • Leaning the Ingredients of aircrete
  • Application of aircrete apecialty tools
  • How to mix aircrete
  • Application of aircrete
  • Molds (how to set up & take down)
  • Application of the finishes with Magnesium Oxide (non-fire ceramic)

What's Included:

  • Workshop Intensive
  • All Materials for the workshop will be provided including Essential Protective Gear
  • Space to Camp (Airbnb's close by)
  • Meals provided (organic & veg)an options available


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