Why I’m in LOVE With the Swazzi Shorts

June 18, 2020

Swazzi Shorts As a yoga teacher, I spend a LOT of time in yoga clothes. And while I own a lot of yoga clothes, I don't own very many that I truly enjoy wearing.

Many are too tight, or too baggy on the waist (meaning they fall down as I move), or they don't stay in place. Finding comfortable shorts to practice yoga is a huge challenge. I find myself constantly readjusting the legs of my shorts, pulling one down to match the other, or pulling up the waistband.

I've owned so many different pairs over the years, and some of them I just look at and shudder. I honestly can't remember the last time I went through a whole practice without having to adjust my clothes consistently—that is, until I found the amazing SITA Couture Swazzi Shorts.

These perfect yoga shorts are so incredibly comfortable and flattering.    They hug every curve of my body without making me feel exposed in any way. They stay put on my legs and my waist, so I can flow through an entire yoga practice without having to adjust them over and over.

Did Somebody Say High-Quality Yoga Clothes??

They are made with high-quality anti-bacterial fabric, meaning that they won't get smelly after a few uses.  The Swazzi shorts are cinched on each side and have a double folded waistband, so you can adjust them to fit your body shape.  They are extremely flattering and equally forgiving, so you never feel like you have to squeeze yourself into them.

When putting on your athletic wear feels fun, comfortable, and you look good, you are just that much more likely to actually get your workout in. It might sound silly, but it is actually a real thing!

SITA Couture, the maker of the Swazzi Shorts, is a wonderful ethical and sustainable fashion line out of Los Angeles. SITA is an ethical clothing company, which means that they source sustainable, eco-friendly materials to make their clothes—and they use fair trade labor. You could say that SITA is the antithesis of "fast fashion." These pieces are high-quality, ethically created and sourced wearable art. They aren't a dime a dozen. When you purchase a piece of clothing from SITA Couture, you can rest assured that the craftmanship of your purchase is top-notch and that the materials used are of the utmost quality.

If you practice hot yoga, or if you are planning to go to a warm environment to practice yoga, the Swazzi Shorts are a perfect fit!

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