Cloth Masks To Protect You & Your Loved Ones

Hi! My name is Sita Thompson. I’m the Founder of SITA Couture. We are a luxury lifestyle apparel brand that targets the spa and yoga industries.

For nearly ten years, 100% of our apparel has been made in Los Angeles. I love this city and feel proud to be a part of it. I want to do everything I can to help others in our community get through this crisis.

Over the past few weeks, I have not been able to find a “protective mask” for my mom. It has really scared me. I know others are having the same problem.

I realized the best way I can help others, is to sit at my sewing machine and use my remaining fabrics, scraps from the workshop, and overcuts to make cloth masks.

I decided that for every mask I sell, I will donate one mask to others in need in the City of Los Angeles. I’ve reached out to the LA Mayor’s Office to learn where these masks would help most. I will share in my blog what I learned and how your purchases helped others.

Know that I am sending you prayers, love, and light. We will all get through this difficult period together.

Be safe, Sita


These masks are not medical grade nor surgeons masks. They are made from cloth and are doubled and the correct one for civilians. However, they can fit over surgical and N95 masks (they are not a replacement). I will be pulling fabric from wherever I can in the workshop and will do my best to match a color or style preference, but cannot guarantee it will be available at the time of purchase.